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Why EXP Is Growing So Fast?

EXP Realty grew from #39 spot to #4 spot in 1 year, with over 20,000 leaders now in the company. Imagine were we will be in 1 more year?-

Why EXP is growing so fast?

1. Lead Generation. Our agents get leads directly to there phones every single day with our systems.

2. Disruptive Technology. Streaming video with on demand training from anywhere you are. We bring the training to you, over 20 hours every week and in person training and masterminds.

3. Collaboration. We have the best leaders in the industry and most importantly we have access to this leadership.

4. Agent Ownership. Each agent is a shareholder and earns stock in the company for doing exactly what you already do, sell real estate. Our agents receive rewards for being productive.

5. Revenue Share. Each agent is rewarded for sharing the company with other leaders in our industry and now have a predictable and consistent additional revenue stream.

6. Capped Commission Structure. The most you pay in this company is $16,000 and then you go to 100%. And we have 2 strategies to off set the cap with doing 2 simple things in our company.

7. Expansion Model (Team Building). We have the #1 Team Building model on the planet. Our expansion partners are in all 50 states and growing.

8. Office Space. We have over over 3,000 all over the world.

9. Global Opportunity. We just launched Australia, UK and Canada and other markets opening soon.

10. No Franchise Fees. We are not a franchise meaning we are not limited by territory or have to pay extra.

EXP is The Future, Join the Movement!

Courtesy of @expandingrealestate